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Anglia awarded BSI RoHS Trusted Kitemark
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STMicroelectronics introduce high voltage current sense amplifiers, evaluation board and samples available from Anglia
STMicroelectronics have introduced the TSC20x series of precision bidirectional current sense amplifiers. The TSC20x series is available in three gains, 20 V/V for TSC2010, 60 V/V for TSC2011 and 100V/V for TSC2012.

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Anglia has announced that it has been awarded the BSI RoHS Trusted Kitemark for awareness and implementation of the RoHS Directive requirements.
Pictured left to right: Malcolm Grant, Group Quality Manager, Lee Nye, Marketing Director.  

The award recognises both Anglia’s level of knowledge associated with RoHS issues and the integrity of the processes and procedures it has put in place to comply with the RoHS Directive. It also recognises that due diligence has been exercised in achieving this goal.

The BSI Kitemark is a worldwide symbol of trust and quality, and reassures both customers and specifiers that the company whose products carry the Kitemark has met the most rigorous quality standards. The RoHS Trusted Kitemark has been developed using a combination of the publicly available specification EIA/ECCB-954 and a formal protocol that has been specifically developed for the RoHS Directive.

“Anglia began working towards RoHS as early as August 2003, and right from the start we took a pro-active role in encouraging our suppliers to provide us with detailed information on compliance in order to build up the database that we rely on today”, commented Anglia’s Group Quality Manager, Malcolm Grant. “We are very pleased that BSI has recognised the hard work and investment we have made in compliance, and are proud to be one of the first companies to receive the RoHS Trusted Kitemark Licence.”

The RoHS Trusted Kitemark is the second module in the BSI RoHS Scheme, building upon PARTS (Pre-Assessment RoHS Trusted Service), which is a prerequisite of the Kitemark. The RoHS Trusted Kitemark itself is made up from three key elements: the Material Control Plan: ongoing analysis and ongoing assessment. Under the Material Control Plan, Anglia’s methodology for ensuring ongoing RoHS compliance was assessed by the auditors using a combination of risk assessment, materials analysis and quality control. A random sample of products marked as RoHS compliant was taken from the Distribution Centre and independently analysed for the presence of the substances restricted under the RoHS Directive: this sample was passed by the inspectors, and further sample analyses will take place on a regular basis. Ongoing assessment is a key aspect of any Kitemark scheme and is considered especially important for the RoHS Trusted Kitemark. Regular onsite audits will take place to ensure sustained implementation of the Material Control Plan.

In May last year Anglia launched an innovative free Web-based information service called Part Tracker to assist its customers in meeting the RoHS Directive. Part Tracker allows the user to search for components by part number and to view their current RoHS status, to load and build a bill of materials, along with the facility to view and determine an up-to-date RoHS status on all these parts at any time, with the option of an advisory e-mail when one of the selected parts becomes compliant.

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This news article was originally published in January 2006.

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