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Introducing STMicroelectronics ready-to-use wireless multi sensor development kit for IoT and wearable applications, Evaluation Board and Samples available from Anglia
The SensorTile.box from STMicroelectronics is a ready-to-use box kit with wireless IoT and wearable sensor platform to assist with the development of apps based on remote motion and environmental sensor data, regardless of the level of expertise.
Harwin EMI shielding clips and cans simplify designs, samples and evaluation kit available from Anglia
Harwin have a wide range of Surface Mount Shield Clips and compatible Shield Cans which provide design engineers a straight-forward, easy-to-use board level shielding solution.
OMRON introduce Optical Sensors with Longer Range and Enhanced Performance, samples available from Anglia
OMRON has release a new series of optical sensors, featuring a longer detection distance. The OMRON B5W sensors are particularly effective at identifying black, transparent, reflective and other hard to detect surfaces.
Doubling Channel Density of Industrial Output Modules using the AD5758 DAC & ADP1031 Micropower Isolated PMU from Analog Devices, samples and demo board available from Anglia.
The AD5758 digital-to-analog converter (DAC) from Analog Devices incorporates the company's second-generation Dynamic Power Control (DPC) to enable high density AOUT modules without requiring de-rating
NICHICON Develops PCH Series of 135°C Conductive Polymer Aluminium Solid Electrolytic Capacitors, samples available from Anglia
NICHICON CORPORATION has developed the PCH Series of chip-type conductive polymer aluminium solid electrolytic capacitors for automotive applications and industrial equipment which require high degrees of reliability.
Omron W7ED Touch Sensor enables replacement of Mechanical Switches, samples available from Anglia
Omron has launched a new touch operated sensor which can be used as a drop-in replacement for a traditional mechanical switch, but delivers all of the reliability and flexibility of touch.
Analog Devices Launches Isolation Technology Maximizing Power Efficiency & Minimizing Emissions to Support Industry 4.0, Eval board and Samples available from Anglia.
Analog Devices has released a simple power solution that maximizes efficiency and minimizes electromagnetic (EM) emissions of motion systems as equipment manufacturers migrate to higher density automation.
Anglia Introduce High Reliability Datamate Wire-to-Board 50Ω Coax Connectors from Harwin
The Datamate Coax series from Harwin are a 4.00mm pitch ganged connector system, they are faster to assemble and more secure than both traditional single coax connector solutions and other ganged connector products in the market.
STMicroelectronics Synchronous Step-Down Switching Regulator Features Low Power Consumption & Noise, Samples and Evaluation Boards Available From Anglia
The L6986H from STMicroelectronics is a step-down monolithic switching regulator able to deliver up to 2A DC and is available in fixed 3.3V or 5V output or as an adjustable version with output voltage ranging from 0.85 V to VIN.
NICHICON Expand the UCM Series of Chip-Type Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors with the Addition of φ12.5 to φ18 mm Size Capacitors
NICHICON CORPORATION has expanded its product line with the addition of φ12.5 to φ18 mm size capacitors to the UCM Series of high-capacity, high-ripple current chip-type aluminium electrolytic capacitors.
Bulgin's Robust Vandal Resistant Switches Ideal for Harsh and Hostile Environments, samples available from Anglia
Manufactured from robust Stainless Steel or Chrome Plated Brass, Bulgin's extensive range of vandal resistant switches are designed with a high resistance to wear and tear, corrosion and harsh use in potentially hostile settings.
NICHICON Launches the JUA Series of Low-Resistance Electric Double Layer Capacitors, samples available from Anglia
NICHICON CORPORATION has expanded its range of "EVerCAP®" products with the launch of the JUA series of radial lead-type electric double layer capacitors that feature low-resistance allowing optimum performance to meet market need for longer life pro
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